How to Eliminate the

Five Self-Sabotage Habits that Keep Brilliant Women from Having What They Want 


  • The REAL REASON You're Feeling Stuck... instead of enjoying the success and freedom you've worked so hard for all these years

  • Why You Shouldn't Follow the Rules... why following the rules is NOT a good strategy for getting ahead in business...and how you can break free honestly & ethically 

  • How to Eliminate that Nasty Feeling Like You're a Fraud... why Self-Sabotage & the Imposter Syndrome Don't Have to Stop You in Your Tracks Anymore...and what to do about it

Karen is my coach and she is amazing! Love thinking in possibility! I couldn't have increased my business and wealth without it!

I shifted and my business is booming! I have abundance daily! I believe next year I will make 500,000!

Nicole Dunn

CEO & Founder, Dunn Pellier Media, Media Consultants

Before working with you, I felt blocked around how to get out of my own way and remove the obstacles in my path in my business. In particular, I felt stuck around my marketing and that has shifted tremendously since starting to work with you. 


Now, I feel I have clarity on what my obstacles are and now have the tools to get rid of them as they come my way. I embrace the concept of “new level and new devil” and know that it doesn’t have to stop me. This has opened up what I thought was possible and new business is coming my way because of it.

Denise Lloyd

CEO & Founder, Engaged HR

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