No Limits Executive Confidante

A six month or one year program for busy individuals who want access to a coach and adviser on demand to help guide them in their career or business




You appreciate the benefit of having a coach who can teach you things about yourself you didn't know and call you on your sh*t when appropriate.

You need to know what your blind spots are so you don't get caught off guard.

You're busy, your demanding schedule doesn't allow for setting up regular meetings.

You like 1-1 connection and you're not all that into sharing in group meetings.


You also know you want someone to bounce ideas off of who isn't a friend, family or co-worker and who doesn't have a bias to what decisions you make.

Confidentiality and honesty are paramount to you.


You can really benefit from outside perspective and new ideas that have the capacity to catapult your success and someone who can be there with you when the fear, doubt and worry inevitably show up.

And, when you need help, you don't want to have to wait for a scheduled meeting sometime in the future, you want help NOW! 

If that sounds like you, scroll down and check out some of the particulars and then book  a call with me or message me through Facebook Messenger.




Karen Luniw

CEO, No Limits Business Woman.

This is a six month or one year commitment with lifetime access to the No Limits Accelerator online membership program with 5 intensive online modules where you are literally going to rewrite the rules for your professional & personal life on your terms.

The biggest benefit of the Executive Confidante program is flexibility, on demand access and 1-1 connection.

The Executive Confidante


What's included:

  • Lifetime Access to Accelerator Modules

  • Five in-depth online modules

  • Access to our Private Accelerator Facebook Group

  • Access to Live Q&A Calls WEEKLY with Karen

  • Private 1-1 Coaching with Karen On Call As Needed

  • Add-on VIP Days at your location or in Victoria, BC


  • **Unlimited Access by email, phone or message

    • ** Up to 8 hours a month

    Want Lots of Access but More Regular Calls?

    Ask About Our Diamond Level

    • Includes EVERYTHING (except Unlimited Access) above PLUS

    • Meet weekly with Karen for 1-1 Coaching calls

    • On Demand Coaching Sessions (Limited Access) 


    What's INSIDE the Accelerator Program

    You want the details, am I right?  Here's some to get you started...

    • Lifetime Online Membership

      12 week, lifetime online membership program with 5 intensive online modules where you are literally going to rewrite the rules for your professional life on your terms.

    • Two Live Q&A Calls WEEKLY with Karen

      Twice a week we do Strategy and Tech calls and Mindset Mastery calls. 


      Can't make it? You can send your questions in to be answered.

    • Strategy/Technical Q&A group calls

      • In this call I share EVERYTHING I know in response to your questions about strategies to grow your business or career, including time management, marketing, personnel, resumes, interviews, internal politics, sales, speaking etc. and that’s just the strategy part!
      • It is also very common to tap into the expertise of those in the group – everyone learns from each other.
      • As far as the Technology aspect – I can answer pretty much anything technical with websites, marketing, social media, CRM (customer relationship management) Facebook ads, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.
    • Mindset Mastery Q&A

      • This call is devoted to Mindset – what came up during the week, what struggles you’ve been having and we clear them out so you have a different perspective, clarity and freedom from the limiting or negative belief or fear.  The group environment is particularly powerful because there are often so many commonalities that not one of them would have ever suspected.
      • Can’t attend the Live Q&A’s? Send your questions in, I’ll answer them on the call.
      • All calls are recorded and placed in the private FB group for you to watch at your leisure
    • Private Facebook group

      where you can ask questions, get marketing critiques, resume critiques or anything that is going to keep you moving and in action.

    • 1-1 Coaching Calls with Karen

      The more time we get to spend together 1-1, the faster your results will be!  This is what I've found over and over again with my clients over the past decade plus!
      *Gold, Platinum & Diamond levels only

    • On Demand Calls

      Does your personal or professional life throw you curve balls often? Then having access to 'emergency', On-Demand calls may be the perfect option for you.
      *Diamond level only

    The No Limits Process is Simple

    Over the last decade I've worked with women worldwide to accelerate their progress while helping them eliminate procrastination, overwhelm, burnout, self-sabotage and the imposter syndrome...quickly.  


    First thing we do is identify what you want to achieve and what’s getting in the way whether it’s a strategic or mindset challenge.  Our job is to help you shift your old limiting stories to ones that support you.


    Next we show you very specific tools and help you to integrate these tools & strategies into your daily life.


    Now you know what’s stopping you, how to use the tools to eliminate what’s stopping you and now it’s time to align fully with what you want.


    We’ll take you through the process of identifying the steps you need to take to attract what you want and need in your life.



    Once you clear out what’s been holding you back, learn the tools and strategies that will help you move forward and fully align with your goals – next we help you to leverage your amazing skills and experience and fast forward you to your goals so you can shine the way you were always meant to in your life.


    This is Who I Work With

    I've worked with women worldwide across a variety of fields and I understand the challenges faced in different roles. 

    Executives & Rising Execs

    Entrepreneurs & Business Owners



    Sales Pros


    I work with men as well in a 1-1 Private Coaching capacity. If you're interested book a call with me - let's see if we're a match.

    This is What We Work On

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    • Build More Confidence

      On the outside, everyone thinks you have it totally together.  On the inside, sometimes you feel like a fraud or at least not as confident as you should...

    • Stay on Track & Grow

      Thousands of distractions  keeping you from what you really want?  Do you get caught up in the day-to-day minutia? Feel like you're losing ground to what you really want?

    • Navigate Relationships & Politics

      Do you sometimes feel you're on a totally different wavelength?  Could you use some help navigating the ins & outs of internal politics & relationship dynamics?

    • Live the Life You Want

      Does time feel like it's getting away from you & the life you would really like to be living is just out of reach?  Sometimes wonder if IT is ever going to happen? Want to change that pattern?

    This is What We Do Together

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    • Mindset

      It's our embedded stories that slow us down that we're not even aware of.  Karen is highly skilled at recognizing what's blocking her clients and shares a perspective that is often not previously thought of  - which changes everything!

    • Proven Techniques

      Our clients have experienced amazing successes.  The QC3 Method reliably moves people out of being 'stuck' and into a higher level of being and a whole new reality that they now call their 'new normal'. Infinite possibilities await!

    • Strategies & Tools

      With over 20 years in the corporate field working with staff & on the front lines - Karen shares not only the QC3 Method but has over 60 other tools & techniques. As a result, you receive a customized solution based on your specific goals.

    • Results

      For the past seven years our motivated clientele have increased their income, acted on eye-popping 'out of the blue' opportunities and created 'the life of their dreams', consistently.  Wouldn't you like that, too? Check out the Rave Reviews Karen has received...


    What Our Clients Say

    Don't take my word for it.  Check out what my clients say.

    Karen is my coach and she is amazing! Love thinking in possibility! I couldn't have increased my business and wealth without it!


    I shifted and my business is booming! I have abundance daily! I believe next year I will make 500,000!

    Nicole Dunn

    Dunn Pellier Media

    Before working with you, I felt blocked around how to get out of my own way and remove the obstacles in my path in my business. In particular, I felt stuck around my marketing and that has shifted tremendously since
    starting to work with you.


    Now, I feel I have clarity on what my obstacles are and now have the tools to get rid of them as they come my way. I embrace the concept of “new level and new devil” and know that it doesn’t have to stop me. This has opened up what I thought was possible and new business is coming my way because of it.

    Denise Lloyd

    Engaged HR

    Karen has long been my inspiration. Her approach to life is infectious, and she consistently sees life as what it really is - exactly what we make of it.


    A dab hand at finding the crux of the problem, Karen acts as the guiding light to help a client through the darkness makes Karen one of the best coaches and mentors I've ever known.


    Isabel Hamptonstone

    Brain Train International

    Confidence and Self-sabotage are some of the biggest challenges that women in business deal with every day.


    Every woman I have coached has read every book, every article, some have seen therapists and coached with others to no avail. That's where I come in - I have a different way of dealing with these issues.


    Tammy is a recent participant of the No Limits Mastermind and now has more CONFIDENCE and more CLIENTS because she now has effective tools and a mindset shift that has made ALL the difference! Watch to say what the No Limits Mastermind has done for her.

    Procrastination and Overwhelm are two of the biggest challenges that women in business face on a day to day basis. Lots of women try different outer tools like apps, calendars, timers, etc. For some that helps...for awhile. For most, it doesn't work long term. 


    Darcy is a recent graduate of the No Limits Mastermind and she's had some amazing results with actually eliminating procrastination  and FINALLY getting through a list as long as her arm.  Listen to her story...






    Meet Tina, she is a highly goal-oriented woman who has worked for the same company for decades. She was at a crossroads as what to do next with her job.


    Tina wasn't enjoying her work anymore and thought she would have to sell everything to go teach ESL in China.


    After just a week into her 90 day program with Karen, a golden opportunity appeared for Tina and it, along with a number of other shifts, changed everything!





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